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Browse Search


Enter the complete or first few words/characters of names.   For personal names, enter Surname first.  Punctuations will be neglected in searching.




Personal Name: Bingxin, 冰心, Lu Xun, 魯迅,陳仁錫,chen renxi

chen, renxi ni kuang倪匡Lau, siu-kaiLau siu kai


Corporate / Conference Name: hong kong china audit, hong kong hospital authority, 香港敎育統籌委員會21 亞太地區醫療保健硏討會


Series / Uniform Title: 系統神學叢書, 靑少年調查系列, Theological education series


Phrase Search


Multiple words are searched together as one phrase.  Boolean operators are not supported.  Keyword search covers all headings and 6XX notes and source data field.


Search Type


Choose ALL or specify the type of records to be searched.



Preferred Display



Choose MARC or Labelled display.


Records per page


Choose the number of records to be displayed per page.


Buttons & Navigation


Below are explanations for selected buttons.




After entering login data, click the Login button to submit.  Do not press Enter key.



Click to clear data in login boxes.



Click or press Enter key to submit search.



Click to toggle between MARC & Labelled Display




Go to first record.



Go to last record.



Go to previous record.



Go to next record.




Below are explanations for selected options on the tool bar.


Search Again


Go to Search screen.


Show Index


Go back to Index Browse screen.




§        Index Browse screen is the result of Browse Search.


Show List


Go back to list of headings




§        Headings List shows parallel heading in Chinese and English.

§        Headings List is the result screen of Phrase Search.




Go to Save/Email/Export option screen.


Add to Personal Folder


Click to add selected record(s) to your personal folder.


Personal Folder


Go to your Personal Folder.  The number of records in the folder will be displayed.

Example: Personal Folder (3).



Flip 1XX/7XX


Option to flip the 1XX and 7XX headings.


Text Format


Save or email in text format.


MARC21 Format


Save in communication MARC Format.


Export to INNOPAC


Interactive transfer of records to INNOPAC.

For INNOPAC users with network access gateway. Set up is required.





Last updated : March 29, 2004


Help or Comment : hkcan@lib.cuhk.edu.hk