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Welcome to HKCAN Database (XML version) beta site.



This XML version is an initiative by the University Library System of CUHK to provide improved display of Chinese scripts and transfer of authority records to INNOPAC system. With the experience earned from the current Big5 version, the searching and retrieval of the XML version has been designed to be more user-friendly. This beta version is for the evaluation of JULAC--HKCAN members and other interested trial users, comments and suggestions are most welcome.  


            New Features :


Ø       Supports Unicode

Ø       Supports interactive transfer of records from HKCAN database (XML version) to INNOPAC system with Network Access

Ø       Provides enhanced index and keyword search by record type

Ø       Provides easy toggle of display in MARC21 or Labelled format

Ø       Provides Personal Folder which allows add or remove records

Ø       Provides options to Email or Save search result in batch

Ø       Provides both English and Chinese user interface


Planned Enhancement :


Ø       Retrieval of related Chinese characters (Traditional, Simplified or variant) irrespective of the input form of the search term.

Ø       Z39.5 connectivity


Known Problem :


Ø       A small number of  Chinese characters are not properly converted

Ø       Some diacritics cannot be displayed and affect the link to individual record display

Ø       Sorting of Keyword search result (currently in record number sequence)



Your suggestions or comments are most welcome.



For access or question about the HKCAN Database XML version, please send email to hkcan@lib.cuhk.edu.hk.  For more information about the HKCAN project, please visit JULAC-HKCAN website.




Last updated  January 16, 2004